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V-Touch Controller | NTCIP Compliant Controller

The industry’s most innovative and easy-to-use controller

NTCIP Compliant

  • Display in minutes
  • Intuitive point-and-go icons make displaying and editing messages quick and easy 
  • Create your own library of messages to save time
  • Easy-to-read color LCD touchscreen display – 7 in. (178 mm) 

Real-Time Information

  • See the message, battery & solar voltage, and one-touch arrow display icons on the home screen.

Two-Tap Display

  • View all saved messages and display by double-tapping the selected message

Easy Message Management

  • Large touch keypad and intuitive icons make creating, editing and displaying a message quick and easy

Settings, Your Way

  • Quickly navigate options and parameters to manage schedule, brightness, security, graphics, and more

Go Further

Additional functionalities include:  

  • Scheduling
  • Sign diagnostics
  • Pin-protected security
  • And much more